Where do you live?

This is today’s inspiration. As soon as I start worrying about the dogs I ask where I’m living. Waking to the bus I was rehearsing conversations with neighbour’s about the dogs barking. I asked how this morning was with the dogs barking, and it was great, not one bark outside. So I smiled and distracted myself with people watching instead.

My whole body is tense today. Neck pain, shoulder pain. It’s actually ridiculous how badly and quickly stress affects your body. I did some stretches and googled neck stretches and tried those too. Neck and shoulder pain usually equates to migraine imminent in my world. I’m trying to figure out a way to relieve the tension pre-migraine and avoid the black nightmare of pain my migraines bring on.

I’m also going to write a letter to all my neighbour’s today. Maybe. Just typing that made my shoulders bunch up. Back to the present. Crossing the bridge, it’s a lovely summer days and the sea is calm, and the city looks a little asleep still. Better 😊

Love letters

I checked the post box this morning and found a folded piece of paper. Anonymous. Not really a love letter though.

A complaint about our dogs barking early in the morning. Immediately I felt anger and then sick to my stomach with stress and worry. This was 20 minutes ago and it’s all I can think of. Obsess over might be truer.

Yes our dogs bark. My wife works from home to manage this. We pay a ridiculous amount of rent for a large garden that the dogs are not allowed in for more than 10 minutes 3 or so times a day. They bark when people walk past and they bark if they see or hear a dog.

On the farm we were told to stop worrying it’s not bothering anyone and our dogs are lovely. Back in the city it’s the opposite.

So now I worry. In Auckland they can remove tour dogs and destroy them. We are moving in 6 weeks, to a nearby suburb for about 8 months and then we will be at the farm. Where we can relax and the dogs can explore and be outside.

But today I’m stressed and on the verge of crying and hating everything.

Back to work

January back to work day is today for me. It’s s hard one. After 2 weeks off I’ve only just become used to the holiday vibe.

Tanned, relaxed and dreading sitting indoors at a desk for 7+ hours. My tail is not wagging.

What will make it wag today? I am almost finished with a book, so that is top of the list. Closely followed by another book which I need to start and finish in a week as the library needs it back. Much reading! And I’m smiling as I type this… ✅

What makes my tail wag?

It’s a shiny new year!

Over the last few days we have been exploring the Hawke’s Bay Area of New Zealand and trying different things. I found that if I forget about pressure and ‘what if’s’ and ‘I need to do’s’ and just focus on what will make me happy, I am happy. So simple yeah?

So my theme for 2019 is do what makes your tail wag. (I’m a dog mom so this phrasing also makes me happy). If I have to choose between 3 things, the one that makes my tail wag will win. If neither make my tail wag then I will walk away and find something else that does.

For inspiration I have Pyke, who only has love in his tiny heart and whose tail wags all the time.

Here is a pic of Pyke starting 2019 with not a care in the world 😘

We have BIG plans for this year. Our tiny house will be ready in November. We have to buy a few of the big things that fit in it: gas hob, fridge, dishdrawer, oven, fireplace. And then a bunch of things we’ll need once we have placed it somewhere: deck, cover, solar system, rain water system. Of course the biggest decision is where do we want to be? Which part of NZ? In an eco village or by ourselves?

We are exploring various areas and trying to keep open minded about this. My tail wags when I think of the tiny house surrounded by nature and the dogs running about 😊


Holiday. Quiet. End of year.

This is always a time of happiness for me. Time with the family, time to relax, and time to reflect.

Every year at this time, Concetta and I take on a house project. It makes sense: we are home, have time and enjoy doing a big task together to make our home more amazing. Some of these over the years include: painting house interior and exterior, painting outside walls, creating a huge veggie garden, putting in an irrigation system, planting the outside verge. Last year we sold almost everything in our house and prepared for the big move across continents.

This year we find ourselves camping with 3 dogs and exploring different parts of New Zealand to figure out where we want to settle down. It’s a very different kind of project. And I’m feeling a little unsettled. No real home. No big home project. Just a tent, nature and the 4 heart beats I love most in this world. I’m curious as to what this will reveal about me…