New things

Do what makes your tail wag!

In the last week I’ve been doing a lot of that. It started accidentally, I had to travel for work, 4 days. The weekend after the travel was a long weekend. So the whole family came along and we stayed in an amazing cottage 2 streets from a gorgeous beach.

Yes, I went to work each day but the holiday chill factor was there the whole time. We had 530am dog beach walks and evening strolls through the suburbs with the dogs to eye out all the lovely properties.

This was a smaller city, still a city but felt like a town. Everyone was friendly and helpful, everyone made eye contact and smiled. This isn’t something that happens in the big cities, and I miss it.

The tail wagging continued after our trip with the second big step of farm living. We bought a truck or Ute! Yay! And then I did something totally new. The trade in price they offered me was very low. I had 2 days before picking up the new car to either do nothing or do something. And day one was a public holiday! I hit the streets and sold my car myself for 50% more than the trade in offer.

To me this is the equivalent of going into a battle and winning. I was nervous and had no clue what I was doing, and it all worked out and got me more of a deposit. I really should try new things more often.

Permission to steal

This weekend I read a wonderful little book. Honestly it took less than 2 hours to read, but I was so excited and enthused by it that I kept getting distracted and doodling. Though, the book did encourage that!

The book is Steal like an Artist by Austin Kleon. Highly recommended.

So this week I’m on a mission to steal. It’s not as nefarious as it sounds. It means noticing what grabs my attention, what makes me smile and writing it all down.

This idea, this mission, has me excited for this week. Bring it on!


So the physio has been great. No shoulder pain. Turns out it’s actually neck pain. Yeah… 1 hour with a specialist in migraines can point that out. And the hip pain? Turns out it’s nerve pain from lower back.

I know this. But I forget occasionally.

When you’ve tried and failed and again. Maybe just get a little help from an expert to get over the hump.

One of my skills is facilitation. I can promise you that 3 sessions with a facilitator will make your future meetings useful, interesting and productive. Yes, really. All it takes is a few tweaks.

Another skill I have is organization and prioritization. I love it, it comes naturally and it’s fun. From playing Tetris with packing a car with everything to packing a suitcase to storage in a house to sorting out your never ending todo list. Again, just a few tweaks and practices.

I need to look at areas I’m struggling in and see how I get the help to get over the hump.


My lesson today is to listen to my heart and stick to my theme of doing what makes my tail wag.

And interesting side effect is noticing what brings me joy. And how few things do actually spark joy. Most are just meh.

Why is there so much meh in my life? Most of these things fall into the ‘this is what I’m supposed to do’ category. I struggle here as I think I still need to do these things and they don’t spark joy but I don’t see another way, we’ll not just yet anyway. An example would be going through my insurance policies and updating them. Such a grudge purchase. So annoying. Until you need it. If you need it.

How many things are done out of guilt, shame or obligation?

Bogged down

Last week I was feeling a little bogged down. First week back at work and many things just were not aligning with my theme for this year.

Reminder theme is: do what makes your tail wag.

One weekend though and I’m feeling great. Sunshine, dogs, outdoors and family.

Now it’s Monday. And a few things are happening today to see if I can get my tail to wag again. I am not good at having conversations to talk about my needs and asking for help. It’s way easier for me to rather just walk away and find something more closely aligned to my needs.

I also bit the bullet and went to the physio as my hip and shoulder pain were through the roof. That seemed to help and made my tail wag. I have 3 more appointments this month to see if I can get to a self-maintain place.

Today is going to be difficult. I can feel the effects already. A bit short tempered . A bit frazzled. My body is going into self protect mode. How fascinating. How annoying.