The ideal day/week

Today I find myself sitting in an airport, waiting for an early flight to a client for 2 days. The lounge is full. Overfill actually, there are not enough seats for all these road warriors that do this regularly.

What would your day/week look like if you could design it? What would you include and exclude?

I have been thinking about this for a week. It is way more tricky than I thought. As an example: would I work? I really like my work and it gives me much pleasure. And if I didn’t do it, I would find another way to get that pleasure I think. So the question becomes one of everything surrounding work and if I want that or not. Like: invoicing etc. and then I delve into, what would the ideal work look like?

Hahaha slippery slope… I have much more thinking to do

Crawling, walking, running

I’ve had a few good weeks. I’ve been calm, interactive engaged. I’ve been reading more and taking the odd run, even just relaxing and smiling. But in the background the darkness lurks. I can feel it there sometimes.

It reaches out as anxiety when I’m worried about some clients work, or finding property or something else in the future. Sometimes it’s just exhaustion coupled with a sliver of depression, not wanting to move or do anything except climb into a warm tent and hide from the world.

These are now feelings I can identify and label. Oddly when I do pause, observe and label them, they lose some of their power over me.

I’m defiantly not in that sunshine rainbow unicorn filled place where I wake up energized and bounce out the house for a jog followed by meditation. Nope. My path to recovery looks a bit more haphazard. I’m just listening to my body and mind and trying to do things when I feel I want to as opposed to coming up with excuses.

I surprised myself this morning. I was standing in the bedroom procrastinating and about to watch tv, but I looked puzzled. My wife asked ‘what are you thinking’. Out of my mouth popped ‘that I might go for a run’. Huh I thought, that’s interesting… ok I guess. I got dressed and went. It was lovely.

No deliberate practice. No routine. Just acknowledge what you honestly want to do and do it. It’s more difficult than it sounds. My inner voice has great ideas and thoughts but my mind tries to drown them out.

So lucky

These last few weeks have been interesting. I’ve tried a bunch of things. I went to a yoga class, it’s was great and got me to try a yoga and meditation class 😊 I also went on a business trip and put me first. Had nice calm breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday with myself, as opposed to grabbing something cheap on the run. I even went for a run on that business trip!

I’m planning on getting back into tennis – yay! And I’m listening to many podcasts which are causing me to find more and more books I want to read!

Today I’m traveling into town just to meet friends and have lunch. How lucky am I?

I am very lucky and very blessed. My life is pretty much everything I’ve dreamed right now. A few tweaks still needed but I suspect that will always be the case 🙂

Listening to the universe

I’m trying to learn to follow my intuition. When I feel an urge to do something or say something, try and figure out why. It’s happening for a reason, and it’s usually in my best interest to pay attention to these prompts from the universe as I see it.

I’m trying to just have faith that the universe has my back and is helping me figure things out and support me. It’s also really difficult when people question everything I do. I know it’s with love and the best intentions. And the already doubtful, insecure me then obsesses for way to long over something.

So for the next few weeks I’m going to do a few things that might seem strange and counter intuitive for me. Because I’m listening and learning and trying a different way. Just support me and be there to pick me up if I stumble with a smile and encouragement (no I told you so!).

The run I took this morning was one of these. I also felt the need to buy a book yesterday called ‘The Kindness Method’. There is a lot more. A LOT! I feel like I’ve tuned into the universe radio station and it’s playing just for me.


A run!

Today I went for a run! That is a very loose definition, more like a 3km walk with a bit of jogging, and it was awesome 😊.

It was fascinating how difficult it was to get out of bed and put on my running gear. It’s took me about 30 minutes of self argument/phone distraction/dog snuggling before I actually did it.

And then it was great. I saw chickens, cows and even a few humans. I smiled and breathed in the air and nature. I enjoyed every minute. Not once even for a second did I regret it.

I returned home beaming. It has been a long time since I enjoyed something so much with every fiber of my being. A very long time. I felt the old me (pre burn out me) stirring inside.

I thought long and hard about writing about this. Because I’ll probably crash this afternoon and be exhausted. Because it’s just a little endorphin kick. Because who cares. But when you’re down in the dumps and nothing brings you joy even though you are trying (and failing) over and over again… this is a big deal.