Its already March!

Somehow this year seems to have flown by and simultaneously be just about right for March.

I started the year with a bang and a host of resolutions.

I started running (again)  and built all the way up to 4km before being tapped on the shoulder by an achy foot telling me to slow down. So I slowed right down and stopped everything for 2 weeks. Boy was it hard to get started again! But I have, from scratch, super slowly with more yoga in between to stretch me out. Currently on 2.5km… slow but at least still moving forward.

We also decided to try and eat more veggies. Luckily we love veggies so loosely this translated to a mostly vegetarian diet, and on occasional outings we will have meat or whatever we desire. That meant the weight started slowly falling off – yay, 3.5kgs! I noticed just how much diet affected me this past weekend. We had a big 40th party for Concetta and basically ate only cake, meat and alcohol for 3 days – not a single vegetable passed my lips. It was great on day 1, ok on day 2 and by day 3 I never wanted to see cake, meat or wine again. The scale agreed as I picked up 3 kgs! Three days back to vegetables and an occasional glass of wine and 2kgs have dropped right back off me, thank goodness. I feel better too, lighter and brighter if that makes any sense. The meat, cake and alcohol diet left me feeling like grey cardboard. I’m hoping by writing all this down I will be reminded in future 🙂

This was also the time that we found land and successfully put in an offer. It will be all ours this week. After 20 months of looking at so many houses and land all over New Zealand, I am glad the hunt is over and that we can now focus on making our dreams a reality. We started off with a dream of our ideal living situation about 3 years ago and have been through ups and downs.

Three years ago I created a picture of what I called the “farm-dream”.

This is me – super happy, tanned and feeling free looking at my home in the middle of nowhere, with mountain, and greenery all over. The requirements grew a little over time. We also wanted a stream, and no neighbours within view or hearing distance amongst other things. We got tempted by many beautiful properties that didn’t meet all of our criteria, and thankfully talked ourselves away from the dotted signing line. We held out and are soon to be proud owners of our own little piece of paradise. We have hill and mountain views, some flat ground for the house, a little creak running through, and no neighbours for a few kilometers. Perfect. Soon the fun part of planting a native forest and setting up vegetables gardens will begin, followed by much saving for a solar system so that we can actually live on the land.

So this is day 65 of 2020. When I say it like that I’m surprised at how low that number is for everything that has happened this year. And I’m excited to see what else this year will bring.

How has your first 65 days of 2020 been? Everything you hoped for? Some surprises?

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