End of year

It’s the final few weeks to the end of the year and many of us are winding up work and looking forward to a bit of a holiday. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, this also means summer, sun, barbecues, and swimming. YAY!

This is also a time known for reflecting and starting new things. New year – new promises.

If you want to make the most of this time I highly suggest James Clear’s book Atomic Habits. For those who want a quick video instead, watch these 2 in order quickly. Then go back and watch them again, pausing to do the exercises.

  1. How to get 1% better every day – 8 minutes
  2. True behaviour change is identity change – 2 minutes

Challenge yourself to really make a difference in 2020. (You can even start now and get a head start on 2020!)

Imagine if at the end of 2020 you were a whole new person – the person in your head that you truly want to be. That you yearn to be. It is possible. And it could even be enjoyable getting there. We are more capable of change than we like to think, we are amazing actually – YOU are amazing.

I love helping people figure out what they really want and then together creating an easy plan for this and helping them along the way. If you could do with a coach in your corner helping you, please get in touch 🙂


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