I loathe hearing the word busy. I also loathe feeing busy. To me this is a sign that something is wrong. I like calm and quiet.

Yet this month I find myself in the busy. Deep into the busy.

Accepting that there is nothing I can do to lesson the load, I’m trying something else. How do I find the calm and quiet in the busy?

It’s challenging but I have learned some interesting things.

1) Opt out of others dramas. Listen to friends, colleagues, family and be empathetic and then leave it. Don’t take over, don’t get involved.

2) Use delays to get back on track with your todo list. I used a delayed flight very successfully for this.

3) Ask for help for things. This was particularly difficult for me. I only managed to do this a few times. I need way more practice.

4) Spend any free time with those you love, doing things that give you energy (vs deplete your energy).

Yes, it’s a busy month, but I can still be calm ❤️.

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