What do you want?

What do you really want? This question has been top of mind for me for over a week now. It seemed so simple… I rattled off my dream life. And then I spent 19 days pondering if that was my ideal life or if what I thought needed to happen was influencing it.

As an example I said I’d like to work for a few days a week or just a couple of hours a day. This is because I really enjoy my work. But if I stopped, what would happen? What else might I discover that I really enjoy when I have more time to explore?

And then I pondered if I was setting up future Sam to live her perfect life, what would that be? And in setting it up… why could I not just start living my ideal life?

Yeah, I know… deep 👀

But it did help me make some decisions. Some that enable future me to be closer to my dream and allow current me to also step closer. Of course there are trade offs. But I’m tired of planning for my dream. I’m impatient. And I want to start living it now… or at least as close as I can. ❤️

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