Listening to the universe

I’m trying to learn to follow my intuition. When I feel an urge to do something or say something, try and figure out why. It’s happening for a reason, and it’s usually in my best interest to pay attention to these prompts from the universe as I see it.

I’m trying to just have faith that the universe has my back and is helping me figure things out and support me. It’s also really difficult when people question everything I do. I know it’s with love and the best intentions. And the already doubtful, insecure me then obsesses for way to long over something.

So for the next few weeks I’m going to do a few things that might seem strange and counter intuitive for me. Because I’m listening and learning and trying a different way. Just support me and be there to pick me up if I stumble with a smile and encouragement (no I told you so!).

The run I took this morning was one of these. I also felt the need to buy a book yesterday called ‘The Kindness Method’. There is a lot more. A LOT! I feel like I’ve tuned into the universe radio station and it’s playing just for me.


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