You are nothing short of incredible

This made me smile and relax. It taps imposter syndrome on the shoulder and escorts it out the door.

Mostly I’m super quick to criticize and judge myself. Let’s call that -1 on the scale. So 0 would be being honest and +1 is bragging or tooting my own horn. I think my tally would be deep in the negatives. Occasionally I might be honest but even that feels like bragging to me. I know I’m alone in this. And I wish I understood why I behaved this way.

Now if I contrasts that to how I talk about my friends: we definitely are in the positives. Sure I’m honest, but I also focus way more on the good things and brag on their behalf. Almost as if to make up for them not doing it.

How fascinating. So when I think of myself I think of the negative, the holes, the missing or not so good stuff. When I think of my friends I think of the positive, the great, awesome at, amazing stuff.

Mmm. Why?

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