Cards and doing good everyday

I picked up a pack of cards with slogans yesterday. My idea is to pick one and capture my thoughts. I’m writing these as if debating them with my best friend over a glass of wine.

Choose to feel good everyday.

Mmm. The first thing that pops to mind is don’t say this to people who are suffering. Sometimes you just can’t choose your way out of a black hole of anxiety and depression.

That said, you can choose to do good by yourself everyday. If you need to hide in a tent, then do that. If you need to sing and skip to work then do that. Honor your feelings, don’t suppress them. Be you. Because all of you is valuable, not just the Facebook and Instagram part.

The more open and honest you can be, the more you enable others to also show up with their whole selves.

1 thought on “Cards and doing good everyday”

  1. Yeah, that’s a big no-no to say to people who don’t feel good. I’d give some feedback to the creator of those cards. I like your alternative of ‘choose to do good’. Or maybe: ‘Take care of yourself every day’


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