I picked me

On Monday I picked me. I resigned for me without having another job lined up.

After many months of trying to change my work, my office, my outputs, my attitude and many other things, I got to the point of enough.

I was a lemon. I was productive but nothing brought me joy except working with teams. It felt at times that I could do nothing right. I doubted my abilities as a person and as a coach. I felt useless and worthless even though deep inside I knew it wasn’t true. I cried every other day. I hated going to work and took on more and more travel to minimize my time in the office.

These are all signs I ignored for 3 months because I thought I needed to learn something. I did. I needed to learn to value me and my joy first. FIRST. My self care above all else. Including an income.

Yes that scares me. I’m not really one who likes financial risks. It’s scares me so much I cried instead for 3 months.

But now I am free. Decision made. I can now focus on taking care of me and healing.

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