Another new start

About a year ago we moved to Auckland, New Zealand. This weekend we moved to be out of suburbia and more rural, or in the sticks as kiwis call it.

The move itself was traumatic and dreadful.

The movers were not really movers, they arrived 5 hours late resulting in us doing the final laid by ourselves at midnight with 3 dogs in the car. We eventually finished at 2am. They also scratched, dented and broke some furniture. What a disaster.

The house we moved into was filthy. I scrubbed with bleach for 6 hours to make it livable and had the carpets professionally cleaned. It still feels a little dirty. I will clean again this weekend!

Two days later and I am calm and at peace. I drink coffee and listen to the cows and chickens. When I walk outside the neighbors sheep come running for head cuddles (actually they just want food, not too different from dogs!).

The people are super friendly. So nice and polite.

Most importantly we are happy. It is quiet. The dogs are chilled out. I love it.

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