Self care is difficult

I’ve gotten to the point where I understand what self care means and what I need for self care. And at first glance this is just not how my world is currently setup.

There are things I need, like time outdoors, reading, learning, quiet to think. And these are needs that will arise at all sorts of times. Most of the time they do not wait until 5pm when my work is supposedly finished. That said, I can’t recall the last time work ended at 5pm either. How fascinating.

Does this mean that self care and a 9-5 job can’t co-exist? I don’t think so. It does make self care challenging though. It’s fascinating how we as humans have all these neat time boxes for when things need to happen. No wonder we are constantly under pressure or stress.

I wonder what a world without timeboxes would look… my brain just screamed chaos. I wonder if that’s true though.

I’m the mean time I have constraints. A 9-5 job that seeps over way too often, and air of travel. So self care for the crazy busy person…

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