You suck

I’m finding it hard to be at peace with myself today. Judgment pops into my mind every couple of seconds.

‘You’re doing a shit job coaching this team because you haven’t spent enough time preparing’

‘You’re failing at your todo list and disappointing so many people’

‘You are betraying your values by not honoring your commitments’

‘You are a crappy wife for leaving your wife on her birthday’

‘You are a crappy colleague for not helping your colleagues’

‘You are weak for melting down and asking for help’

‘You are a crap provider for not having found a rental yet’

‘You’re a horrid wife for not ensuring there is calm and certainty for your wife (who suffers from anxiety)’

‘You’re a horrid dog mom for traveling and not spending enough time with your fur kids’

‘You’re not making time for your physio exercises/ reading/ good meal making’

Fuck me, the list seems endless.

I know this isn’t who I am. I know I’m under pressure and so everything gets blown out of proportion. I know I am loved and doing the best I can.

I am loved.

I am a hard worker.

I am a great coach.

I am an amazing and supportive wife.

I am an awesome dog mom.

I am loved.

I am love.

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