Time for my ‘ing’

The last few weeks have been busy. And for me that’s not a good sign. I’ve tried very hard to keep doing my inner work and yet outside pressures usually mean that’s the first thing to go.

Luckily I recognize this pattern of self destruction and I’ve got a solution. For me this solution is building pace into my workday so that my workday doesn’t deep into my personal time. Easy to do, but thanks to a stupidly full calendar this calm will only arrive in a few weeks time.

In the mean time, I’m learning to breathe and listen to my ing. (Ing from Gabrielle Bernstein and others). This is bringing peace, calm, clarity and less judgement into my life.

It’s rather addictive peace and calm. I want more. I want to spend more time free writing and meditating. I want to spent more time discovering things that make my tail wag and then doing them more often.

I see now how even though I am not religious I am spiritual. I understand now how all religions are spiritual. In this moment, I am at peace and free 😊

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