New things

Do what makes your tail wag!

In the last week I’ve been doing a lot of that. It started accidentally, I had to travel for work, 4 days. The weekend after the travel was a long weekend. So the whole family came along and we stayed in an amazing cottage 2 streets from a gorgeous beach.

Yes, I went to work each day but the holiday chill factor was there the whole time. We had 530am dog beach walks and evening strolls through the suburbs with the dogs to eye out all the lovely properties.

This was a smaller city, still a city but felt like a town. Everyone was friendly and helpful, everyone made eye contact and smiled. This isn’t something that happens in the big cities, and I miss it.

The tail wagging continued after our trip with the second big step of farm living. We bought a truck or Ute! Yay! And then I did something totally new. The trade in price they offered me was very low. I had 2 days before picking up the new car to either do nothing or do something. And day one was a public holiday! I hit the streets and sold my car myself for 50% more than the trade in offer.

To me this is the equivalent of going into a battle and winning. I was nervous and had no clue what I was doing, and it all worked out and got me more of a deposit. I really should try new things more often.

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