So the physio has been great. No shoulder pain. Turns out it’s actually neck pain. Yeah… 1 hour with a specialist in migraines can point that out. And the hip pain? Turns out it’s nerve pain from lower back.

I know this. But I forget occasionally.

When you’ve tried and failed and again. Maybe just get a little help from an expert to get over the hump.

One of my skills is facilitation. I can promise you that 3 sessions with a facilitator will make your future meetings useful, interesting and productive. Yes, really. All it takes is a few tweaks.

Another skill I have is organization and prioritization. I love it, it comes naturally and it’s fun. From playing Tetris with packing a car with everything to packing a suitcase to storage in a house to sorting out your never ending todo list. Again, just a few tweaks and practices.

I need to look at areas I’m struggling in and see how I get the help to get over the hump.

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