Bogged down

Last week I was feeling a little bogged down. First week back at work and many things just were not aligning with my theme for this year.

Reminder theme is: do what makes your tail wag.

One weekend though and I’m feeling great. Sunshine, dogs, outdoors and family.

Now it’s Monday. And a few things are happening today to see if I can get my tail to wag again. I am not good at having conversations to talk about my needs and asking for help. It’s way easier for me to rather just walk away and find something more closely aligned to my needs.

I also bit the bullet and went to the physio as my hip and shoulder pain were through the roof. That seemed to help and made my tail wag. I have 3 more appointments this month to see if I can get to a self-maintain place.

Today is going to be difficult. I can feel the effects already. A bit short tempered . A bit frazzled. My body is going into self protect mode. How fascinating. How annoying.

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