Where do you live?

This is today’s inspiration. As soon as I start worrying about the dogs I ask where I’m living. Waking to the bus I was rehearsing conversations with neighbour’s about the dogs barking. I asked how this morning was with the dogs barking, and it was great, not one bark outside. So I smiled and distracted myself with people watching instead.

My whole body is tense today. Neck pain, shoulder pain. It’s actually ridiculous how badly and quickly stress affects your body. I did some stretches and googled neck stretches and tried those too. Neck and shoulder pain usually equates to migraine imminent in my world. I’m trying to figure out a way to relieve the tension pre-migraine and avoid the black nightmare of pain my migraines bring on.

I’m also going to write a letter to all my neighbour’s today. Maybe. Just typing that made my shoulders bunch up. Back to the present. Crossing the bridge, it’s a lovely summer days and the sea is calm, and the city looks a little asleep still. Better 😊

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