Love letters

I checked the post box this morning and found a folded piece of paper. Anonymous. Not really a love letter though.

A complaint about our dogs barking early in the morning. Immediately I felt anger and then sick to my stomach with stress and worry. This was 20 minutes ago and it’s all I can think of. Obsess over might be truer.

Yes our dogs bark. My wife works from home to manage this. We pay a ridiculous amount of rent for a large garden that the dogs are not allowed in for more than 10 minutes 3 or so times a day. They bark when people walk past and they bark if they see or hear a dog.

On the farm we were told to stop worrying it’s not bothering anyone and our dogs are lovely. Back in the city it’s the opposite.

So now I worry. In Auckland they can remove tour dogs and destroy them. We are moving in 6 weeks, to a nearby suburb for about 8 months and then we will be at the farm. Where we can relax and the dogs can explore and be outside.

But today I’m stressed and on the verge of crying and hating everything.

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