What makes my tail wag?

It’s a shiny new year!

Over the last few days we have been exploring the Hawke’s Bay Area of New Zealand and trying different things. I found that if I forget about pressure and ‘what if’s’ and ‘I need to do’s’ and just focus on what will make me happy, I am happy. So simple yeah?

So my theme for 2019 is do what makes your tail wag. (I’m a dog mom so this phrasing also makes me happy). If I have to choose between 3 things, the one that makes my tail wag will win. If neither make my tail wag then I will walk away and find something else that does.

For inspiration I have Pyke, who only has love in his tiny heart and whose tail wags all the time.

Here is a pic of Pyke starting 2019 with not a care in the world 😘

We have BIG plans for this year. Our tiny house will be ready in November. We have to buy a few of the big things that fit in it: gas hob, fridge, dishdrawer, oven, fireplace. And then a bunch of things we’ll need once we have placed it somewhere: deck, cover, solar system, rain water system. Of course the biggest decision is where do we want to be? Which part of NZ? In an eco village or by ourselves?

We are exploring various areas and trying to keep open minded about this. My tail wags when I think of the tiny house surrounded by nature and the dogs running about 😊

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