Holiday. Quiet. End of year.

This is always a time of happiness for me. Time with the family, time to relax, and time to reflect.

Every year at this time, Concetta and I take on a house project. It makes sense: we are home, have time and enjoy doing a big task together to make our home more amazing. Some of these over the years include: painting house interior and exterior, painting outside walls, creating a huge veggie garden, putting in an irrigation system, planting the outside verge. Last year we sold almost everything in our house and prepared for the big move across continents.

This year we find ourselves camping with 3 dogs and exploring different parts of New Zealand to figure out where we want to settle down. It’s a very different kind of project. And I’m feeling a little unsettled. No real home. No big home project. Just a tent, nature and the 4 heart beats I love most in this world. I’m curious as to what this will reveal about me…

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