Rushing and pausing

Hurry hurry hurry, rush rush rush. Why oh why do I do this to myself? I’m so determined to not be in a rush or late that I set crazy timelines to achieve this. Which then has me scurrying to make that timeline.

Yup. Crazy. Control freak. Over time I have come to realize my problem but shaking it has proven really tricky.

This of course plays out in many ways. FOMO is one of them. Buy it now! Do it now! Sign up now!

The word ‘now’ is making me twitchy.

So how do you slow everything down? Like a movie scene where I can still move at a normal pace but everything else is in slo-mo giving me time to think and contemplate. How do you hit pause, in the moment?

Just for fun, here’s a pic from my bus trip… pause.

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