Pondering work

Today I’m in another city. I’m here for work and I’m sad about it. Late on Sunday afternoon as I was about to call a Uber and head to the airport my puppy Pyke cane in limping.

He was so sore he was yelping and panting. We dropped everything, found an emergency vet and raced off. The conclusion was that he either broke his toe or has a bee sting. Many drugs and antihistamines later we were sent home with a drugged puppy to see how he was in the morning. Whilst all this emotional anxiety was happening I was present but not. I was on hold with AirNZ trying to move my flight.

Everything worked out, the flight got moved to late last night. Pyke slept like a drugged party animal and woke up this morning perfectly fine.

But I’m not home. I’m in another city. Everything in me wants to be home. And work commitments make that impossible. Most people have this work life conflict every now and then. I’m wondering if it’s necessary. And if it isn’t, what would that look like? What would life without a 9-5 job look like? Immediately I think of like without a 9-5 salary… but is that true?

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