Fresh air

My massage yesterday was amazing. Even though I didn’t feel like it, it was exactly what my tired body needed.

I also watched a good amount of NZ soapie tv. Usually I classify this as a waste of time, last night it was almost like comfort food or a trashy romance novel. A lovely indulgence 😊

This morning started with the whole family (wife and 3 dogs) waking me to the bus stop. It was just after some rain, so everything felt clean and fresh and clearly smelled amazing to the dogs sensitive noses. It was a slow stroll, talking and sharing and giggling at the mutts. Usually my walk is fast and I’m trying to get to the bus as quickly as possible.

Mmm a deliberate slow start to savior the beauty of life and be thankful for what I have is really lovely. Definitely something I should do more often.

I just checked the time… and I’m within 10 minutes of my usual time, wow what a difference 10 minutes can make!

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