Busy busy

Water focus started with a glass of water followed by a quick dog walk. Water seems to be the one focus I struggle the most with.

Today I’m going to fill my water bottle and take it with me everywhere. The goal is to drink it empty 6 times. I’m also going to put a post it note with 6 blocks on my laptop screen as a reminder.

I woke up a little tired this morning and I recall tossing and turning in my sleep, I think I was too hot. It’s an odd time of year with the weather changing from hot to cold every other day. I think I’ll switch to a thinner blanket tonight and see how that works out.

I must say having a few focus points but just one everyday is keeping me interested much longer than when I just have one focus. It makes little victories happen more often and the little failures are over in a day, so they are easy too. The bonus of doing other focus items on a different focus day also makes me feel great. Like I did extra.

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