How might be planning help?

This week I have kept my daily sprint/focus items as is. In my planning I decided on 1 thing for each of them to help me improve just 1%.

Small, mini almost micro steps. I won’t lie, it feels wasteful. Why do a micro step when a slightly bigger mini step would be so much better? Well, because I know that micro seems easy so I’ll do it. Mini might lead to procrastination – and I don’t need any more help in that area.

Today’s focus is sleep. I brainstormed a few things to try:

  • Lavender smell on pillow
  • Reading an hour before bed – no phone
  • Sleep in another room (my wife plays on her phone till late at night in bed and I think it disturbs me)
  • Wear eye blinders and ear plugs (ear plugs hurt me though so don’t think this will work)

Unfortunately as life happens, I am out late tonight so I’ll possibly just pass out 😴.

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