The walk

Today’s sprint is focused on walking. So I got up at 5am made coffee, fed the dogs and got dressed for a walk. And then the heavens opened and rain came crashing down.

I was devastated. All my planning down the drain. I immediately started thinking of alternatives. I could walk around the house – boring. I could walk this afternoon – unlikely. Whilst my mind was busy having this internal debate, the rain stopped. I leapt up, put on the dog harnesses and was out the door. We had a lovely 1.5km walk. Fresh after the downpour with a huge rainbow to welcome us.

Feeling very happy with my walk I hopped into the shower. I immediately thought oh I should weigh myself. I could feel the energy drain out of my body. How interesting. The mere thought of weighing myself almost totally negated my good mood! So I have decided it to weigh myself for 4 weeks. That is a metric that too easily demotivates, so I’m removing it. Instead I’m going to smile and enjoy my walk day and be proud that I walked.

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