There is something about new that fills me with joy and possibility. I’m a starter, a dreamer and a do’er. So a new idea or process or project makes my eyes light up and energizes my whole being.

As for finishing… well, others are good at that 🙂

So this week I’m trying something new. Each day is a sprint with one focus.

Today’s focus is sleep. I thought it would be an easy one to start with. Then the muppets woke me up at 1am for the toilet and again at 5am for food.

My sleep perfect state has me up at 5:30am and in bed by 8:30pm. I’m still tinkering with those times, as daylight savings makes them a bit weird…. it’s still light at 8:30pm.

I also realize I’m getting too hot at night, so might need a lighter duvet over me. And I also needed the bathroom when the muppets woke me. So we should all go empty bladders before bed.

Mmm. Single focus point brings many insights. This one day sprint thing might just work.

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