Noticing the signs

Do have signs or signals in your life? For example, one of my signs of stress is that I start writing things on my hands another is that I frequently find myself wondering “what am i doing?” half way through a task as I’ve momentarily forgotten. I know these are signs of stress because I’ve sat down and paid attention.


Are there other areas in my life that could benefit from this analysis?

  • Happiness and joy
    • feeling sad, alone, judged
    • frustration
    • getting angry about silly things
    • always complaining
  • Energetic
    • Waking up tired
    • Never having enough sleep
    • Not wanting to do anything physical (walk dogs, gardening etc)
    • Just wanting to lie on couch and watch tv
  • Stress
    • Writing on hands
    • pain in right shoulder
    • migraines
    • “what am i doing?”



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