Your tribe

Do you have a tribe? A group of people where you belong? Like-minded, similar values?


(image from

Having just moved countries, I no longer have an in-person tribe. And I really miss it. Don’t get me wrong – I love and appreciate my online tribe members in almost every  time-zones, but they can’t sit and drink red wine with me.

So I’m on the hunt for my new tribe. I am interested in all of the following. If any of this makes you go “me too!” and you happen to be in New Zealand, please get in touch, I’d love to meet you and share some wacky thoughts, perhaps over a wine?

* recycling * love dogs * love animals * reuse * off-grid * saving money *
* less consumerism * minimalism * nature * outdoor activities *
* vegetable gardening * sustainable living * alternative lifestyles * wine *
* trail running (although it has been a while!) * summer * fireplaces *
* books * community sharing *

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