So my new one week goals are loads of fun, and having a public holiday in the middle of the week does mess it up! Lol. Totally forgot what day it was and thought a new week had started. Good thing it’s a Friday! And saying that, I was rather excited for my Monday, what a change!

This morning I tried something new. I woke up 30 minutes early and cycled whilst listening to a podcast. My physio said I should free cycle (no resistance) for 20 min a day and I was failing at that. It’s a stationary bike from the op shop (barging price of $15!). Its was fun, I’ll definitely be doing this more regularly.

Have a good day!

Day 2

Day 2 of my new week. The focus is on #nospend which means we can only buy the necessities. No coffee, takeouts etc.

I find myself quite excited about a weekly goal. There are a few more I want to try out:

  • Vegan week
  • Pause and use ‘and’ not ‘but’. More thoughtful considerate speaking.
  • Cycle everyday week
  • Yoga everyday week
  • Learn for an hour a day week
  • No alcohol week
  • No snacks week

Let’s see if I can bring this joy and energy into the dark parts of my day 🙂

A new week

Monday morning. Usually the feeling of dread comes over most.

Yet the new year brings joy and resolutions and the freshness of a clean start.

The start of a new month seems to pass without any fanfare.

Why is that?

What if each new week was a new year? Start fresh. A weekly resolution (way easier to stick to!). Shake off last week and start fresh.

And the weekend? That’s your reward, your ‘Christmas’. Time to spend with family and relax. Time to embrace that holiday feeling in 2 full days.

The joy of the light bulb

I am training an Agile basics course right now. I do this about twice a month. It’s the same material which makes it boring for me (I do change some things every course for my joy factor).

But for everyone else on the course it’s their first bite, their first taste if what agile could mean for them. And seeing the light bulbs and thinking and growth happen right in front of me is amazing. Some get so excited they don’t go out for breaks. Instead they gather and talk about how they have already called home to tell their partner they have learned something they want to share. So amazing.

The illusion of control

There’s control and then on the other side of the spectrum we have ‘what will be will be’. That straight line kills me. So let’s make a quadrant rather. I like quadrants, more freedom and flexibility.

So if one axis is control and the other is ‘what will be will be’, now what?

Now I can see that different aspects of my life fall into different areas. Having a place to live is in the High control space. Owning land however falls into low control, high what will be space. Interesting.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with keeping everything under control. Maybe realizing what needs control vs what I can let go of will be useful.